Hi, I'm Frank. I do some internet stuff.
Like, I run some chat havens.
I wrote wrote a couple too.
Learn more about havens at the FAQ.

I've written some other software too like a reference implementation of Netscape's Server-Push in PHP and the Hostname Blacklist plugin for Qpsmtpd and my weblogtail.pl for watching your Apache logs scroll by in pretty colors.

I like free software, everyone should. I give my stuff away for free. It's not much, but it's code that you don't have to bother to write now. Generally I prefer to run CentOS or some other GNU/Linux OS on my machines. But even when I'm stuck with a less friendly OS I can fill it full of free software to give me my warm-fuzzy, familiar tools.

I used to like music. My friends still do. And I host their stuff.

Unit and his friends have a label with their music and other music making people they've found. I fuck up every time I try to classify it so you'll have to figure that part our for yourself. It's usually electronic in nature if that helps. They can often be found spinning records or playing tracks at one of those trendy, unlisted East Village bars that hide in the shadows so normal people can't find them.

Recently, Unit started publishing his editorial 'toons online. I highly recommend making a visit.

Xris is in a band called Otikon which used to be called Yab Yum but somebody else apparently had the name first. He also throws strange sexy parties in NYC whenever he can manage to muster the energy.

Long ago my friend Damien used to make these strange collaborative albums on his 4-track in the basement.
This is Prostitute Soup III

I used to like food too.
My friend Judi makes food look good even when you don't think it could.